Additional School Activities

St Thomas More's strives to offer the children a wide range of opportunities. These opportunities include:


Public Speaking - Term 2 students from Years 3 to 6 are invited to further develop their public speaking skills. Year 5 and 6 compete in the Rostrum Competition.


School Performance/Dance Festival - Every child participates in the school concert which takes the form of a dance festival of musical play. This occurs at the end of Term 3.


Piano - A specialised piano teacher is available to provide individual tuition.


Maths Olympiad - An enrichment problem solving competition, consisting of five 20 minute challenging tasks, offered as an extension Mathematics activity to 30 children from Year 4 to Year 6. 


International Competition and Assessment for Schools - Each year the children in Years 3 to 6 participate in the International English, Writing and Mathematics Competition developed by the University of New South Wales. Due to the increasing cost to the entry fee this competition is provided as an optional activity, at the discretion of the parents.