How do we provide Support and Challenge for our students?

During the first four weeks of the school year, teachers carry out extensive testing to assess literacy and numeracy levels of their students. Teachers analyse the results and use them to plan teaching and learning sequences. They are also used to determine whether particular students require support or challenge in literacy and numeracy. Parents of students requiring extra support are informed by letter from the Learning Support Teacher.

At St Thomas More's we run an Enrichment Class for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. The criteria for selection includes NAPLAN results, school assessment data and classroom teacher nominations. The students selected must display a high degree of intellectual and/or creative ability; exhibit exceptionally high degree of motivation; and, excel in specific academic fields.

Classroom teachers are highly skilled in differentiating the curriculum for their students. I would encourage parents to make an appointment to speak with their child’s teacher if they feel their child requires more challenge in literacy and/or numeracy. Parents are always welcome to meet one-on-one at any time with their child’s teacher to discuss the results of testing and to share ideas about the support/challenge their child needs.

 Enrichment Opportunities for Students

1. Maths Olympiad – teachers of students in Year 5 and 6 nominate students based on testing of problem solving aptitude

2. ICAS Competitions – parents nominate students for these competitions which are run by the University of NSW. Parents can choose from English, Mathematics, Science and Digital Technologies

3. School Choir -  parents are invited to nominate their children to audition for the choir
4. G.A.T.E.WAYS enrichment opportunities for gifted students

5. DaVinci Decathlon

       6. Enrichment Class - Year K to Year 6 students

Teachers nominate students from Years K to 6 whom they feel have the necessary aptitude and would benefit from enrichment opportunities listed above. In this instance parents will be notified by the school to obtain permission.

If parents are interested in exploring extra-curricula enrichment opportunities for their child, they are invited to browse the GATEWAYS website at www.gateways.edu.au/programs.

The Eureka program is also popular with primary school parents and students.

When attending a day-long Eureka program, children participate in three hands-on workshops based on a theme. Each term the theme changes to focus on a different curriculum area. Previous themes have included ‘Secrets of Science’, ‘You Can Count On Maths’, ‘History Matters’ and ‘What Nonsense’.