St Thomas More's Primary School is open to all who are willing to commit to support the philosophy, values 
and aims of Catholic schooling.

The Catholic Education Commission aims to provide the choice of Catholic schooling to all those seeking a
Catholic education for their children.

In the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, the Catholic Education Commission is responsible to the
Archbishop for developing, monitoring and evaluation education policies for Catholic Archdiocesan Schools.



•  Catholic System Schools established and maintained by the Archdiocese strive to be authentically Catholic
and faithful to the Church, its traditions and teachings.

•  The Catholic school is a community whose mission is to provide its members with an holistic education
which takes place in an environment formed by the authentic teachings and values of the Catholic Church.

•  The Catholic school community strives for strong partnerships with the parishes it serves.
These partnerships will involve the students, principal, pastors, parents and school staff.
These partnerships must be demonstrated and strengthened by the enrolment procedure and practice.

•  Those who choose a Catholic school for their children do so on the understanding that they respect and
agree to support the Catholic identity of the school and acknowledge the importance of Religious Education
for their children.

Taken from the CEO Enrolment Policy 2008