Enrolment Priorities

The following hierarchy of priorities has been established for the consideration of enrolment applications at St Thomas More's when enrolment applications exceed available spaces.


  1. Baptised Catholic children who are members of the St Thomas More's Parish community.

  2. Siblings of children already attending the primary school.

  3. Baptised Catholic children from other parishes who cannot obtain places in their local
    primary school.

  4. Special consideration: Children previously enrolled at St Thomas More's who have left the school
    because their family had been posted or transferred with their employment, who are returning
    to the school. (Additional sub-clause approved by Director for St Thomas More's, May 2003 and
    October 2008)

  5. Baptised Catholic children from non-Catholic primary schools whose residential address is in the
    designated priority local parish communities.

  6. Baptised Catholic children whose parents/guardians seek to enroll them in a parish primary school
    outside their own parish but who can obtain places in their own parish primary school.

  7. Other children whose parents/guardians desire and are committed to a Catholic Education.

Please note : Acceptance of children into a Catholic System primary school does not confer an automatic
entitlement to enrolment in a Catholic System secondary school. The enrolment of a student in a Catholic
System secondary school is a new process and requires the completion and submission of a secondary
school enrolment application. Refer to the Secondary Enrolment criteria.