Parental Responsibilities

  1. All parents enrolling their children in a Catholic Archdiocesan school must complete the official enrolment form and return it by the due date.
    Such action; however, does not guarantee enrolment in the school.

  2. Applications, irrespective of their priority listing, received after the due date will only be considered if vacancies still exist.

  3. Parents must be prepared to abide by the provisions specified in the enrolment form especially in regards to the support they
    will give the school in the Catholic education of their children.

  4. The child's parent/guardian must recognise and be prepared to meet their financial responsibilities for the ongoing enrolment of the child.

  5. The child's parent/guardian must advise the Principal of any Court Order(s) that may exist in regard to the child and provide a copy of the
    Order(s) for the child's school file.