Students with Disabilities

St Thomas More's has an inclusive approach to education.

When processing enrolment applications from parents/guardians of students with disabilities who seek to be included in regular classes within the school, the Catholic Education enrolment processes must be followed.

We aim to provide an inclusive education at St Thomas More's Primary School.


Learning Support

Early intervention is provided for children throughout the school who have difficulty in acquiring the skills of literacy and numeracy.

This support may take the form of in-class assistance or short periods of intensive assistance outside the classroom setting.

While it is always the ultimate goal to produce independent learners, some children need more support to achieve this level of learning.


We also aim to meet the needs of children who demonstrate highly academic abilities.

These children are provided with opportunities within the classroom or in multi-age settings, where they are able to work with older students. We also run an enrichment class for Yr 3 to Yr 6 students. 


The policy of inclusion in the school means that children who come to the school with disabilities are able to take part in the full school program.