A great deal of what is being done in our school requires parental involvement which we consider to be of great value to our students.

At this stage children love to see their parents and carers in the classroom, or the school, supporting them in their educational adventures.

To help us provide the best possible education for our students, your involvement and support as parents is always welcome.

Help can be in many ways:


At home:

•  helping children come to know and love God our Creator;

•  ensuring that homework is being done;

•  ensuring that your child is happy with school;

•  ensuring that your child is reading and/or being read to each night (or regularly) and enjoying it; and

•  talking with your child about school (highlighting the good parts).


At school:

•  participating in the Sacramental programme;

•  assisting the teachers with reading, craft, computer work, typing stories, or any area of the curriculum
   that you enjoy or have competency in;

•  assisting when transport or supervision on excursions;

•  coaching a sporting team - netball, soccer, football

•  attending Working Bees;

•  attending Community meetings;

•  offering to serve a term on the School Council;

•  becoming a Parent Representative

•  offering to help in our library; and/or

•  assisting with the preparation of special lunches;


Parental participation in the life of the school community is strongly invited and warmly welcomed at all levels. A duty of care applies while students are under the care of the school. This duty applies equally to school based activities and out of school activities. The same duty of care applies to individuals who volunteer their services to the school.


Working With Vulnerable People
The WWVP Act 2011, took effect on November 8, 2011.

It is Catholic Education policy that all volunteers at schools must be registered in accordance with the WWVP.

Registration for volunteers is free, but volunteers must hold a WWVP card to come into the school. 

We are required by law to ask all volunteers to provide a copy of their WWVP card.

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