Council Members for 2017



Support the Principal and staff.  Provide direction for the Community Council, engage in and influence Council direction and output.  Chair the Council Executive and Community Council meetings.

Mrs Genevieve Cuddihy

Principal (ex-officio)

Work collaboratively with the Chair and the Community Council on the direction for the School.  Provides advice and feedback to the Community Council on issues of importance affecting the school.

Mrs Julie Wiley

 Parish Priest (ex-officio)

The STM Council provides advice and support to the Parish Priest to make
more effective his ministry of teaching, sanctifying and governing the
communities that comprise the Parish, which includes the School. The Parish Priest provides advice and direction on pastoral issues within the school

Fr Julian Wellspring

Deputy Chair

Perform the duties of Chair in the absence of the normal incumbent.  Undertake miscellaneous tasks as required.

Mrs Lee Kormany


Oversee administration for the School Community Council including establishing the agenda and taking of minutes of meetings (both School Council and School Community Council).


Mrs Margaret Deerain



Work with the Principal to develop and set the annual budget for the Community Council including school based levies and fee remission.  Prepare financial reports and statements for each School Council and School Community Council meeting.

Mr John Fenwick

Parent Liaison Coordinator

Coordinates and meets with Parent Liaison Coordinators as required.  Coordinates contact lists for each class in conjunction with class contacts.  Provides information, advice and support to Class Representatives along with feedback to the Community Council.

Mrs Moira Clancy

Staff Representatives

Represent the staff on the Community Council Executive and contribute to the smooth running of the Council.

Ms Nicole Mikkonen

Mrs Helen Bramanathan

Parent Representatives

Represents the Parents and contributes to the good order and functioning of the Community Council

Mrs Brooke Curtin

Mr Sean Davis

Parish Representative

Represents the Parish and contributes to the good order and functioning of the Community Council

Mr Colin McMaster