Parent Liaison Coordinators

As part of the schools endeavour to promote community and improve communication within the school community a Parent Liaison Network has been established throughout the school.


Each class group has a designated Parent Liaison Coordinator/s (PLC) who will assist with promoting effective lines of communication between the school and home, as well as developing relationships and a sense of community.


Possible roles of the Parent Liaison Coordinator could include:


•  Endeavouring to keep well informed of school events and fundraising activities so that they can be a conduit or coordination point for organisation of events such as special lunches or support for a fundraising event.


•  Organisation of a social event or promote a ‘get together' amongst families for class parents.


•  Contacting new families in the class prior to or at the beginning of each term.


•  Providing support to the class teacher by encouraging parents to act as volunteers.


Due to the Privacy Act schools are not permitted to provide any family details unless approval is given. To assist in developing an accurate communication list parents are requested via a PLC letter to provide their contact details.