School Fees


Enrolment of children at a Catholic diocesan school in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn carries with it the undertaking by parents/guardians to accept the obligation to pay all school fees. It is; however, a matter of Catholic Education Commission policy that inability to pay school fees should never exclude any child from a Catholic school.


Types of Fees

•  Enrolment Fee - per child - payable when lodging Enrolment Acceptance Form - non refundable.

•  CEO Tuition Fee - per child, per term - is remitted directly to the Catholic Education Office.

•  Canberra Catholic Schools Building Fund - per family, per term - is remitted directly to the Catholic Education Office.
Contributions are fully tax deductible.

•  Resource Levy - per child , per term - covers the cost of items purchased for use by the student i.e. text books, exercise books, classroom consumables, library materials, photocopy paper etc.

•  School Levy - per family, per term - is retained by the school and covers telephone, postage, cleaning materials, cleaner's contract, equipment maintenance, water & sewerage rates, electricity, first-aid materials, administrations costs other than wages, professional development, curriculum and teaching expenses, classroom materials, etc.

•  Information Technology Levy - per child, per term - is retained by the school to cover the cost of maintaining computer hardware and current loan repayments for hardware purchased.

•  Curriculum Levy - per child, per term - is retained by the school to cover the cost of specialised curriculum activities including gymnastics, dance and visiting school performances or excursions where the whole school attends.

•  Grounds Levy and School Hall Levy  - per family , per term.  



•  In cases of genuine hardship, fee exemptions and fee remissions may be given after consultation and interview with the Principal who then refers the case to the School Council or a sub-committee of the Council specially convened for the purpose for ratification.

•  All cases will be dealt with due regard to confidentiality - the School Council or sub-committee will not be given details that will identify the family by name.

•  Details of unpaid fees that are the subject of exemption / remission will be made known to the School Council and will be subject to the standard fee recovery process.

•  Any variation to fees by way of exemption or remission will be reviewed at the commencement of each year.

•  Acceptance into extra-curricula activities outside the mainstream educational programme may be refused if school fee obligations have not been met.


 Payment of Fees and Levies

•  Fees and levies may be paid in instalments if it is more convenient for families to do so. This can be done via direct debit or by using Bpay as directed on the Fee Statement.

•  All occasions of leave of absence of a child/ren from school attendance will be paid in full unless the child/ren cease to be enrolled at the school.

•  Fees and levies will be calculated on a per week pro-rata scale for an enrolment of a student after the first day of term or if a child departs the school before the end of Week 5 of a term. Families will be required to pay the full terms fees and levies should they leave after Week 5 of a school term.

•  The Resource Levy is to be paid on a per term pro-rata scale for new students who arrive after the first term.

•  Families seeking short term enrolment will be required to pay a pro rata fee negotiated with the Principal.


Recovery of Unpaid Fees and Levies

•  School Accounts will be issued in Week 1 of each Term and are to be settled within 30 days unless payment is made in instalments or other arrangements are made with the Principal within those 30 days.

•  Reminder notices for overdue accounts will be issued in Week 5 of each Term. A copy of the St Thomas More's School Fee Policy will be included with a second reminder notice issued in Week 8 of each term.

•  If there is no response to the second reminder notice within 14 days the following action will be taken:

•  The Principal will contact the family by phone or send a letter requesting an interview to discuss the matter.

•  If there is no response the Principal is to send a letter stating that 'the St Thomas More's School Community Council will need to become involved in this matter' . At this time their identity will need to be disclosed to at least the Chairman and Treasurer of the School Council. A copy of the School Fee Policy will be forwarded to the family involved outlining in detail the School's policy for recovery of unpaid fees.

•  If no response to the Principal's contact, the School Council will send a letter adding that the school is responsible for making up any shortfall to the Catholic Education Office in fees received.


School Fee Schedule for 2017 for St Thomas More’s Primary


Per Term

One student

Two students

Three students

CEO Tuition fee





Resource Levy





Curriculum Levy





ICT levy





Grounds levy





Capital Improvement levy




Building Fund





School Levy