Meet Our Teachers

Message from the Principal

Wisdom, courage and peace are the values that guide our small parish school.

Each one of our students is unique and precious. We’re proud to boast an enriching and nurturing environment that places families at the centre of our collaborative approach to our students’ learning and development.

Our collective goal is for our children to leave St Thomas More’s proud that they have challenged themselves to become the best young people they can possibly be.

The courage and integrity of our patron saint guides our faith-based community to higher aspirations daily. As educators, we constantly seek to improve our performance, keep ahead of the latest educational methods and practices, and further deepen how we work with our families and carers.

I’m very proud of the success of our school’s unique teaching programs and pedagogy. But our success is not based only on our high education standards; our approach is that children are motivated to become curious, collaborative and connected learners when our school staff, families, carers and students strive together for excellence in both academic results and personal growth.

Julie Wiley


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A Duty Statement from our teachers

“Our teachers have a heart for the individual and a mind for possibilities.”

2021 Staff List


Mrs Julie Wiley

Assistant Principal 

Ms Nicole Mikkonen

Religious Education Coordinator 

Mrs Samantha Mance 


Mrs Samantha Mance (Mon - Thurs)

Mrs Helen Bramanathan (Fri)

Yr 1

Mrs Kristy Poole 

Yr 2

Mrs Christine Washington 

Yr 3/4 Green

Miss Brittney Temple 

Mrs Madeleine Reid (Fri PM)

Yr 3/4 White

Miss Andrea McQuirk 

Mrs Sharon Melhuish (Fri PM)

Yr 5/6 Green

Mrs Gwen Tarleton 

Mrs Madeleine Reid (Tues)

Yr 5/6 White

Miss Karen Tozer/Mrs Cassie Neiufi

Library K-6

Mrs Madeleine Reid

Digital Technologies

Mrs Gwen Tarleton 

Italian K-6

Mrs Antonija Rover

Classroom Support Teacher

Mrs Sharon Melhuish

Support Teacher

Mrs Pam Sixsmith & Mrs Helen Bramanathan 

Classroom Support Assistant

Mrs Amanda Lynch, Mrs Robyn Eldridge & Mr Daniel Vido

Defence Schools Mentor

School Chaplain

Mrs Lisa Holl

Miss Ariana Strmota

Office Manager

Mrs Julie Ogden


Mr Joe Hallam

Parish Priests

Fr Emil Milat

Fr Andrew Lotton